Major Reasons Why Drywall Damage Occur 

For homeowners, repairing drywall could be a problem. Even if you do not need to repair the damage yourself, you still need to worry that it might happen again. Below are the most typical reasons why drywall damage takes place. Keep on reading to know them more and for you to learn how to cope with them in the future.   


Holes is one of the most apparent drywall damage you can encounter. Any kind of hole existing in your wall is already deliberated as a structural problem. Remember that holes could be due to several things such as furniture that bumps strongly against the doors that blow open and not prevented before they hit the wall. There are also times when the toys of your kids can result in damages. Either of those could be the reason why holes occur in your drywall. If this is your case. You have to guarantee to have it repaired and patched immediately.  

Termite damage 

If you can see any termite damage in your drywall, make sure to contact a professional exterminator. You can determine termite damage if there are existing pinholes and a muffled sound once you strike the wood damage, damaged paint, and the wall.  


Cracks could result in badly mounted drywall. Mostly, it usually happens in ceilings. As soon as you can observe cracks, you must definitely reach to a drywall expert to fix the damage for you. If you have cracked drywall, it is already known as a safety issue. Once you can see the usual cracking, consider getting your roof checked. Occasionally, it can be due to your settling home. You should never leave cracking unattended. Cracks will just grow bigger and it could eventually be a costly and challenging problem to repair. 

Poor fastening 

Once your drywall is installed it will usually be attached using joint fastening tape. Over time, this thick tape could loosen up because of age or moisture, which begin to fasten the drywall that it is keeping together. This will apparently be apparent in your walls. Occasionally, it can easily be determined once the drywall was installed poorly if you can see popping nails over the wall. This occurs once drywall nails are not firmly established in the stud. Once you can see a popping nail, you should never hammer it back in its original position. It would be great to just eliminate it and look for the stud yourself before you nail it back into where it’s supposed to be.  

 Plumbing leaks 

Water damage is one of the main reasons why a broken drywall appears. Once your plumbing has been poorly installed or already old, you might experience a few massive problems eventually. Water damaged drywall is one of such issues. Once you can observe that you have bulging drywall, have it inspected right away and fix the damaged water line that might be concealed there. As much as possible, contact Drywall Contractor in Belleville for quality drywall services.